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Selecting the Perfect Kitchen Countertops

What countertop would be right for your kitchen? You can select the countertop that is somewhere between something you love and something that would still have major appeal if you were ever to list your home. You may want to take into account such factors as cost, quality, durability, maintenance, and any advantages or drawbacks that materials and styles offer.

You may want to consider your lifestyle. You’re going to be the one immediately utilizing the counters. Are you active with putting things on them? Are you the type to use a coaster? Do you live with a partner or have children? Do you cook a lot or want something fancy and know that you’re the type that can take care of it?

The material needs to jive with your lifestyle first and your preferences a close second. Third should be considering how the style fits in and whether it adds or matches the overall value and aesthetic level of your home. Even if you love a fancy material, you can usually find a clone that offers similar benefits but plays into your budget or lifestyle more.

Granite countertops are often quite affordable and look amazing. Polished finishes shine while honing looks ore matte. It’s an easy to maintain– they must be periodically sealed, so that’s something to consider, but it always looks great. Marble and soapstone and limestone require similar treatment, just something to consider.

Another cool option would be countertops made out of engineered stone. The counters are nearly bulletproof. In the same price range as granite, they are different in that they’re durable and simple to maintain. They also are scratch and stain resistant and come in different colors. While they can’t host hot pans straight on the surface, they’re great in a lot of other ways that count.

Another option would be the increasingly popular wood selection. These countertops look rustic and are very easy to clean. They must be sealed with oil periodically and don’t do well with water. Laminate counters are also great in that they are resistant to scratching, durable, and are available in tons of designs and colors.

Concrete counters are also gaining a bit of the spotlight. They come in a variety of finishes but must be sealed and waxed every few months, so not that low maintenance in theory. There are tons of materials out there and you can always get ideas and see how different styles and colors as well as materials look by going online and getting inspiration and doing further research.

You can also decide to see the types of counters in person to get an idea and more tangible sense about what you’d be installing. See it all, think about what works best, talk it over, and you may be buying the perfect counters for your home!


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