Latest Kitchen Design Trends You Must Consider

Kitchens have a special place in every home, but if your kitchen is outdated, it may be inefficient or look uninviting and prevent you from making the best use of this space. A kitchen renovation can work wonders and also complement to your lifestyle. Have the most amazing family gatherings over delicious meals prepared in your new kitchen. The many hours spent in this room each week will become an exciting experience for everyone in your family.

If a new kitchen is in the horizon pick from the hottest 2019 kitchen design trends and incorporate some of them into your kitchen to enhance its beauty and efficiency, not to mention the increase value of your home.

Pops of Color
For its open and clean feel, white kitchens are still in trend. But small bit of color is popping up in the white space in 2019. You can choose from colorful backspace or paint a landscape or accent wall to spruce up and enliven this space.

Quartz Countertops
Quartz has been finding easy entry in more and more kitchens and this trend doesn’t seem to be stopping. It is no surprise why: Quartz is sturdy, beautiful, less expensive, difficult to damage and easy to maintain than marble or granite. Renovating your countertops with quartz this year is a great option.

No Kitchen Cabinet Handles
As minimalist designs are in vogue, 2019 will see the exit of cabinet handles used in kitchen. But that’s not a problem. Cut-out handles inbuilt in the kitchen cabinets are the new and smart substitutes. If you want to keep the indent out of sight, you can get it fixed at the base of the cabinet.

Open Shelving
Open shelving allows you to keep your beautiful dishes in sight and within easy reach and it has been popular for past some years for giving the kitchen an open look and feel. This trend is likely to dominate in 2019, giving more kitchens an open and interesting look.

Matte Appliances and Cabinets
Matte is in. Matte cabinets and appliances blend well with most other things in the kitchen. It may give you a pleasant surprise that fingerprints do not show on them as easily as on glossy appliances. The appeal of Matte is going to stay and it’s not going to look dated soon.

Colorful Stoves and Hoods
Your kitchen renovation would not be complete until you replace your old stove and hood with their substitutes in color. Calm pastels, bright primary colors and jewel-toned blue are making an impact.

Gold and Copper
As a manifestation of stylish accent, gold and copper are finding more visibility in the kitchen. Most kitchens find these colors attractive whether they have dark or light countertops. You can use them as faucets or cabinet pulls in a minimalist way.

Spanish and Moroccan Tiles
Subway tiles in the kitchens have been around for a long time. But now that looks a bit commonplace whereas the backsplash is being taken up by Spanish and Moroccan tiles. The myriad designs, patterns and colors can bring a big impact.

Smart Technology
Smart technology brings quick and efficient solutions to the problems and needs of our daily life. You can implement some of them in your kitchen, too. Equip this space with smart home appliances and remote-controlled curtain and lights. Your time in the kitchen will become more efficient and, exciting too.

At Medina Home Innovation, we don’t just renovate, we assist our clients in transforming their living space – best utilizing their home’s potential and making the most of their budget. We love helping our customers find just the right design for their kitchens. We’ll help you find the best design that makes sense for the way you live in your kitchen. Contact us for a consultation.