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Top Decorating Tips for the Empty Nest

Are you living in an empty nest? You may be looking around at the rooms in your house and wondering what you should do. The current decor and the rooms reflect the life that you had with your children. If you are sitting in an empty nest and your children have become adults, you may find that your home is in need of a redesign.

Perhaps you want to unify the interior design of the home or update a few things, like furniture or specific rooms. Whether you want to pursue a minor or major home remodel, you may be wondering where you would start. Check out our tips below.

Updating the furniture is a must.

Whether you want to have a whole new look or just replace certain pieces, this is easily accomplished! The tough part will be deciding what you want to replace them with and why. Perhaps some pieces are degrading due to old age or you know that the upholstery just needs to be changed or removed. Some you may be able to have refurnished or the upholstery redone, while others you may want to gift, sell, or donate.

Consider what the current furniture is doing for your home– is it helping it look great and serving a function and purpose, or is it just not working? Put some time into considering what furniture you would need or want and research ideas and examples online and by seeking out interior articles for inspiration and guidance.

Focus on the floors.

If it’s been a decade and you don’t love the carpet, it’s definitely time to change things up. On the other hand, if you have expensive flooring that was made to last and is classic, there’s no need to change a thing. For example, hardwood floors are something that you can work with and maybe you should turn your attention to the decor or the walls. It all depends on what you have and whether an update would be an upgrade.

Polish and update certain rooms.

Perhaps you have rooms that aren’t serving a function at the moment or you’re simply no longer loving the overall aesthetic. Maybe it’s dated or just isn’t in line with a unified house “look”. Put a polish on certain rooms in your home, and by that we mean make them more chic!

Going for a unified look that is sophisticated or country cozy or whatever you have (or want) going on will help create a sense of ‘design balance’ in your home. Maybe you’ll find that a new coat or shade of paint is all that they really needed, and in truth, this is a great place to start and may inspire the rest of your vision.

Consider remodeling for a value boost.

The value of your home can be increased by a remodel. However, be sure that you want certain touches or updates, so then the increase in a resale value objectively will just be a nice bonus.

Upgrading the floors an other remodels can be great when done well, so consider what you’d like to do and also keep in mind that it should not be overly customized to your personal taste but still generally appealing. The kitchen and bathroom are often the best places to redo as well.

Do your research.

Think about what you want and get plenty of design research done. Then when you make choices, you will be confident that you are getting what you want!