Our Top 5 Trends in Hardwood Flooring This Year

Could your home use a little sprucing up in the upcoming year? Thinking about your flooring and debating whether you love it– or simply used to love it?

Hardwood floors have long been a popular and classic choice and if you’re thinking about updating your flooring, it’s worth a consideration. The quality of the material is hard to beat or even replicate. With a variety of styles, sizes, colors, stains and shades, there should be no problem finding a bevy of options to pick from.

Hardwood has been used in flooring for years, but different finishes and stains can make them more modern instead of classic. This type of flooring is trending big time. If you’re considering doing some floor renovation, hardwoods are worth a look.

1. Gray Hardwood, White Washed

Cool hardwood tones are in, and one rising trend has been to incorporate gray hardwoods in flooring. You can choose from woods that have already been finished and installed or finished while on the site or even opt for a modern, white washed floor that gives a similar effect.

2. Distressed Hardwood

These types of hardwood floors are sort of like a pair of distressed jeans; they’re given a special treatment to turn out that way. Machine-made, this distressed wood can be made to look like it has a more antique aesthetic than it originally started out with. The aged appearance is trending, but keep in mind that it may carry a slightly higher price tag if you’re working within a budget.

3. Wide Planked Hardwood

This type of flooring is pretty self-explanatory if you look at the name. These planks can be three to six inches wide. The novelty of this trend is that it stands out and can even make a space feel larger. With a farmhouse meets coffee house type of unique sizing, this hardwood can give any home that contemporary feeling while going outside the box and still offering plenty of options in terms of color, so you can go more sleek and modern or rustic and warm.

4. Hand Scraped Wood

This is an alternative to the aged look of distressed wood and one trend you may be into! Hand scraped wood provides a texture that imitates wood’s look and feel when it is hand-smoothed and shaped. This gives the flooring a unique texture that is vaguely uneven and is one of the hottest rustic options for the new year.

5. Reclaimed Hardwood

This is one of our favorite trends simply because of the combination of a great aesthetic and its ecologically friendly aspects. Reclaimed wood is taken from other sources and structures and utilized once more. As a result, the wood is more unique and has usually had its look already confirmed in its previous use and life. It is less expensive, but also not as easy to buy or track down. However, this is a great trend and if you have the mind to pursue it, can look beautiful when installed.

Could your home look better with one of these hardwood flooring trends? Call for a free estimate to find out!